About Us


”A Healthy Community with its full participation”

IPASC aims at being a centre of expertise and reference in Community Health for the improvement of health in Africa through a holistic approach.


To work with communities for the improvement in their health and well-being. In order to achieve this mission, IPASC has the following objectives:

  • To train Government, voluntary agency and faith-based health professionals
  • To search the causes and factors which contribute to poor health in the area
  • To develop  a  consultancy service accessible to other programmes
  • To develop specialised services, which will favour health promotion processes within communities


Within the parameter of the Mission of IPASC, activities maintain equity, justice and research of the common good following the example of Jesus Christ. (Luke 4:18-19; cf. Micah 6:8). Through equity, IPASC aims at participating in the reduction of disparity in health and access to health care. Through justice, it advocates and works for  those who are marginalised. Through research of the common good, it aims to contribute to the attainment of a state of optimal health and well-being within groups and communities.

Responsibilities  integrity, respect and discipline are values on which the Institution focuses to achieve its mission and to establish its relationships  with its beneficiaries and partners. These values are reflected in the choices, behaviour, attitudes, and the qualities of the organisation of its personnel.

During 2015-16 negotiations took place to admit IPASC into the Anglican Church of Congo. It was agreed at General Synod. The first part of the process in 2016 was to admit ISPASC Bunia into the Anglican University, also based in Bunia, and it became a Faculty of the University.

Amuda Baba was invited to become Dean of the Anglican University. He is also working towards his PhD with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

It was further agreed that IPASC Aru would become a department of the Anglican Diocese of Aru and this was finalised at the Conseil (Board) Meeting in February 2017.

IPASC will retain its name and the two departments, Bunia and Aru, will continue to work in relationship with one another as they have always done.

IPASC Trust will continue to support and uphold the work of IPASC financially and in prayer. Not least the student sponsorship scheme will continue to be promoted and sustained.

The Trust thanks the President, Vice Presidents and Supporters for their ongoing support and prayers for IPASC and for the future health care of the poorest communities in North East Congo through the training provided in Bunia and Aru.


  • Africa= panafricanism
  • The circle and people= the participation of the community
  • Fish= The expression of Christianity in the world of  inequity