Support IPASC

IPASC stands for the ‘Pan African Institute for Community Health’ (in French!) and is a unique healthcare project founded by Pat Nickson OBE in 1992.  It is run entirely by Congolese staff, supported by British expertise. It provides direct healthcare to the world’s poorest people through a safe motherhood programme, support to people living with AIDS/HIV and a healthy safe water/anti malarial programme.  It also seeks to recruit 105 Congolese students each year to train on its Diploma or Degree course in community based preventative healthcare.

IPASC has a proven track record:

Its Safe Motherhood programme reduced deaths of mothers at childbirth at one local hospital from 120 per year to less than 5.  It is supporting 400 people living with HIV/AIDS to sustain themselves and their families. Its Diploma and Degree course graduates are having a huge impact on their communities.  Every penny of your money gets there safely via a registered charity and direct UK support.

It is building sustainability:

Through its link with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine it has trained up Congolese staff to deliver training.  Teach someone to fish …..

Your impact will be huge:

Relatively small amounts of money will actually save lives.  £150 will bring fresh water to a whole village and maybe save 10 lives a year. Around £500 will sponsor a student to train in healthcare, who will then go back and transform the health of their local community.

Your support is desperately needed:

The DR Congo is huge  – two thirds the size of Western Europe – but one of the poorest countries on earth, with the world’s highest levels of deprivation, according to recent UN statistics.  It has a minimal health service, with less than £4 spent per person per year.  1 in 5 children die before their 5th birthday.  Malaria and lack of fresh water are the biggest killers.  In conjunction with the World Food Programme, IPASC is also organising the delivery of food and other essential items to people displaced by conflict.  IPASC has to raise all of its funds.