Student Sponsorship

IPASC Student Sponsorship Scheme

The DR Congo has a minimal health service with less than £4 spent per head of population compared with £1,776 in the UK. Most people have to pay for their treatment, typically £8 for an appointment with a doctor or £3 to see a nurse and then whatever the treatment will cost after that.

Many people can’t afford this in a country where the average income per capita per month is £15. As a consequence one in five children will die before their fifth birthday, life expectancy is 48 and 1 in 22 women will die in or around childbirth. The vast majority of this loss of life, and serious illness and disability is preventable. (Stats from the World Health Organisation).

IPASC has been training local Congolese citizens as nurses in holistic preventative health care for 10 years. They seek to recruit 60 students each year for their degree course and 45 for their diploma. Sadly many capable students are too poor to attend or to complete the course and so we have established a student sponsorship scheme to ensure IPASC is able to recruit the best possible students to each course and to make a long term impact on the lives of thousands of people throughout the North East of the DR Congo.


Aru Student Claudine Denu who is training as a midwife. She will return to her village to work in the maternity clinic where there is only one qualified midwife amongst  6 who work there.


The cost of sponsoring a diploma student is only £10 per month or £120 per year for four years and £15 per month or £180 per year for the three years of the degree course. Can you commit to this for one (or more) students and make a lasting impact on one of the poorest nations in the world?


Students majoring in physiotherapy. They will work with the disabled who have little or no assistance in Congo.

We will send you a profile and picture of the student you are supporting, a termly update (they have two terms per year) from them on their progress, and a graduation photo.  If you would like to support this work then please read the form attached for more information.  You can pay on a monthly basis by standing order or on an annual basis by cheque or standing order, or if is easiest the full course costs in one go.  You decide what is easiest and best for you. The form is also available here to make a regular donation or a donation via post.

Please do join us in equipping the country with outstanding community health workers and in transforming the health of the people of the DR Congo.