Supporting IPASC

Saving Lives, Creating Hope

 IPASC is an organisation founded by Pat Nickson in 1992, which provides community health and training for community health workers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The DR Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world.  The UN statistics identify the DRC as having the highest deprivation in the world.  IPASC works primarily in Aru district in the north east of the country, where most families have an income of less than £150 per year and life expectancy is 48.  The government provides no funding for preventative health care and so IPASC has to raise every penny it spends.  IPASC does stunning work and this is an opportunity to help them to support their local communities.

Gift: A Life Sustaining Journey

£50 pays for a life-sustaining trip for people who are HIV positive to a hospital in Uganda.  (There is no treatment for people needing anti retroviral medication in most of the DR Congo).  £50 will pay for IPASC to take 10 people across the border to Arua in Uganda and sustain their treatment.  Currently there is a long waiting list of  people needing to make these regular trips.